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5 Best 1 Ton Window AC in India 2024

5 Best 1 Ton Window AC in India 2024

Rachit Arora |

Summers are already here, and people are scared of scorching heat and extreme temperatures. If you are one of them looking for a perfect solution to beat the heat, choose the best 1 Ton window AC for your home and enjoy a cool and comfortable environment. 

These ACs are suitable for small-sized rooms and can significantly reduce the temperature within a couple of minutes. Explore our top contenders and choose the best option to meet your cooling needs. Here are the required details. 

Factors to Keep in Mind When Buying a Window AC

Here’s a quick rundown of important factors you should keep in mind when purchasing the best 1 Ton Window AC. Scroll down and have a closer look. 

  • Room Size Compatibility: Always consider your room size when buying an AC. The 1-ton ACs are only suitable for small rooms. 
  • Noise Level: Window ACs used to be notorious for their higher sounds during operation. However, things have now changed with modern technologies. So, it’s best to pick the AC with minimum noise levels. 
  • Maintenance and Cleaning: Select the AC with copper condensers, as they require the least maintenance. Choose a unit with accessible filters for easy cleaning. 

  • The 5 Best 1-Ton Window ACs to Buy In India 2024

    Ready to find our top recommendations? Scroll down and see the list of the best 1-Ton Window ACs to beat the heat. All of these options assure better performance and saving on your electricity bills. 

    1. Voltas 123 Vectra Platina 3 Star Fixed Speed Window AC

    The first best 1 ton window AC in India is Voltas 123 Vectra Platina Fixed Speed Window AC. With 3-star energy efficiency, this AC ensures economical and efficient cooling. It has a copper condenser coil that can easily transform your cooling experience. 

    Voltas 123 Vectra Platina 3 Star Fixed Speed Window AC

    This window AC unit by Voltas is a smart choice for budget-friendly buyers. It can chill rooms with an area of up to 120 square feet. This AC won’t rack up on your electricity bills, thus allowing you to enjoy efficient cooling. Other special features include Dust Filter, Dehumidifier, R32 Refrigerant, and Anti-Bacterial Filter. 

    2. Daikin FRWL35UV161B 1 Ton 3 Star AC

    This Daikin 1 ton window AC is an ideal choice for those who want to enjoy high-end qualities without spending extra. It comes with a Power Chill operation that cools the room instantly, irrespective of the outside temperature. 

    Daikin FRWL35UV161B 1 Ton 3 Star AC

    Moreover, it features an auto-restart mode that automatically resets the previous AC settings after the electricity cut. With its 3-star energy ratings, you don’t have to worry about heavy electricity bills. The Anti-bacteria filter cleans the air around you, and the copper condenser enhances its performance while making the unit durable. 

    3. Carrier 1.0 Ton 3 Star  Estrella Dx Window AC

    Let’s move on to another 1.0 ton Window AC in India, Carrier Estrella Dx. Its capacity makes it ideal for small-sized rooms up to 110 square feet. The Anti-Dust filter ensures cleaner air by removing all the dust particles and pollens. It also comes with an Energy Saver mode, which helps reduce electricity bills. 

    Carrier 1.0 Ton 3 Star  Estrella Dx Window AC

    The Sleep Mode auto-adjusts the temperature to ensure a peaceful sleep. This AC unit ensures high ambient working up to 50 degrees Celsius, so you can enjoy cooler air without worrying about the temperature outside. 

    4. Hitachi 1 Ton 2 Star RAW312HEDO/Z1 Window AC

    Another 1 Ton Window AC in India 2024 is the Hitachi 2 Star AC. The AC has a copper condenser coil for better cooling and long-lasting performance. It also comes with a Dry More that eliminates the excess moisture from the space while ensuring comfortable cooling. 

    Hitachi 1 Ton 2 Star RAW312HEDO/Z1 Window AC

    The unit features an LCD remote with a backlight, making it easier to use even in the dark. Its Auto Fan speed option automatically adjusts its fan speed according to the room temperature. Also, this unit has an Auto Power Save Mode that runs this AC without using too much power.  

    5. Carrier Estrella Dx 12K 3 Star Window AC CARR W.A.C.

    Let’s end up the list with another 1 ton Window AC, Carrier Estrella Dx 12K. The unit is widely applauded for its High Ambient working, thus keeping you cool even at a temperature as high as 50°C. The AC comes with an auto fan speed that automatically maintains the fan's speed to reach the desired temperature. 

    Carrier Estrella Dx 12K 3 Star Window AC CARR W.A.C.

    Its Sleep Mode ensures restful sleep by increasing the temperature by 1℃ per hour for the first two hours and holding it steady for the next five hours. The Auto Restart button resets the unit to its previous settings if the AC turns off automatically due to the power cut. 

    Summing up

    That’s all about Window ACs. We hope our research will help you select the best 1 ton Window AC for your home. Be mindful that these ACs are ideal for small spaces; hence, check the room compatibility before buying the unit. They all feature excellent energy ratings and thus won’t rack up electricity bills.
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