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LG TW-Q18WUZA vs Voltas 185V Vertis Elite Window AC

LG TW-Q18WUZA vs Voltas 185V Vertis Elite Window AC

Rachit Arora |

Looking for an optimal cooling solution and wondering what between LG TW-Q18WUZA vs Voltas 185V Vertis Elite might be the best option for your home? Hold your patience, as this guide has all the answers you might be looking for.

Both Voltas and LG have gained immense reputations for offering perfect cooling appliances, making decisions slightly challenging. Therefore, our experts have compared both options and come up with the key differences to make the choice simpler. Scroll through the guide and find everything you need to know. 

LG TW-Q18WUZA vs Voltas 185V Vertis Elite - A Detailed Overview

Before we round off the key differences between TW-Q18WUZA vs 185V Vertis Elite, it’s best to find out a detailed description of these appliances to have a clear idea. Let’s scroll through the details here to make your choice simpler. 


Let’s begin with the LG TW-Q18WUZA Window AC that comes with a Dual Inverter Compressor. It offers a varied-speed dual rotary motor that has a wider rotational frequency to save more energy along with a higher-speed cooling range. This ensures that the Dual Inverter AC cools faster and runs quieter.

The AC comes with a Convertible 4-in-1 cooling, thus adapting to the varying needs of the customers. These modes ensure the optimum use of energy without any compromises on comfort. This model features LG ThinQ and voice control to monitor and control the air conditioner at any time and from anywhere. It also comes with 100% copper tubes with Ocean Black Protection for exceptional durability and long-lasting performance.

This LG AC is made to perfection. It offers super silent operation and operates at sound levels as low as 44dB, thanks to the LG’s unique BLDC Motor and Dual Inverter Compressor. Overall, it offers powerful performance and durability to match your window frame. Buy LG Window AC if you are looking for advanced features and comfortable cooling.

Key Features

  • Voice Controls
  • Convertible 4-in-1 cooling
  • Energy manager 
  • Silent Operation
  • Dual Inverter Compressor

Voltas 185V Vertis Elite

Voltas has always been a renowned name in cooling appliances. Its Voltas185V Vertis Elite Window AC boasts an inverter compressor to offer efficient performance and silent operation. It has a variable-speed compressor that can easily adjust itself according to the power and heat loads. 

With a 1.5-ton capacity, this AC is ideal for medium-sized rooms up to 111 to 150 square feet.  With an airflow volume of 700CMH, it ensures to cool your space within minutes, leaving no hot spots behind. This AC has an energy ratings of 5-star, which indicates that it saves energy and offers best-in-class performance. It comes with a copper condenser coil that requires less maintenance while offering quick and efficient cooling. 

You can buy Voltas Window AC if you are looking for an appliance with an Anti-bacterial filter. These filters ensure that you breathe fresh, dust-free air. It also features a dehumidifier that senses indoor humidity and controls it during monsoon season. The sleep mode of the AC ensures silent operation while maintaining a comfortable temperature by cutting excessive cooling. 

Key Features 

  • Refrigerant Gas R32
  • High Ambient Cooling
  • Wide Voltage Range
  • Active Dehumidifier
  • Eco Mode
  • Glow Light Buttons
  • Sleep Mode

LG TW-Q18WUZA vs 185V Vertis Elite Window AC - The Key Differences

Now that you know the basics, let’s round off the key differences between LG vs Voltas Window AC to make your choice easier. Scroll through these differences and make decisions accordingly. 

1. Energy Efficiency

While both ACs have 5-star energy ratings, you might be surprised to know that LG appliances save more energy than Voltas air conditioners. LG uses advanced technology, such as a Dual Inverter Compressor, to reduce power consumption.

According to the official data, the annual electricity consumption of LG 1.5 Ton 5-star model is 835 kWh/ year while for Voltas is 1095 kWh/ year, giving LG a clear edge in the premium energy-efficient segment. 

2. Cooling Modes

LG and Voltas uses different cooling modes to beat the heat. While LG Dual Inverter AC offers two rotary compressors, Voltas mainly features a Turbo Cool technology to prove rapid cooling. 

While both brands provide different cooling modes, LG edges ahead with greater flexibility in their super convertible ACs. 

3. Price

Another important thing you should consider when comparing TW-Q18WUZA vs 185V Vertis Elite is their price. Since LG comes with fancy rings and bells, you can expect hefty price tag. On the other hand, Voltas AC conditioner is quite budget-friendly, making them ideal for budget-conscious users. 

Summing Up

So, that’s all about LG TW-Q18WUZA vs Voltas 185V Vertis Elite. We hope our comparison has helped you make the right choice. Both LG and Voltas offer different features and optimal cooling experience, but LG is ideal if you are looking customized cooling modes and energy efficiency while Voltas is better for budget-savvy customers. So, evaluate your needs and choose the best option now.