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Sony MHC-V73D vs Sony MHC-V43D: Which High-Power Audio System is Right for You?

Sony MHC-V73D vs Sony MHC-V43D

Rachit Arora |

The right Party Speaker can make all the difference to your party or gathering. Sony is known for its high-quality audio gear. The Sony MHC V73D and Sony MHC V43D are two of their most powerful audio systems. The Sony MHC-V73D and the Sony MHC-V43D both have excellent features that will enhance your entertainment.

But which model is right for you? In this blog, we will examine the specifications, features, and overall performance of the Sony MHC V73D and Sony MHC V43D.

Overview of the Sony MHC-V73D 

Design and Build 

The Sony MHC V73D is an attractive and powerful audio system that's perfect for large venues and parties. The tower-like design houses multiple speakers that produce a powerful output of sound. The unit has a sturdy build and is equipped with wheels and handles. This makes it easy to move despite its size. 

Audio Performance 

Sony MHC V73D is a system that excels at audio performance thanks to its crisp sound and high power output. These are the features of this system:

  • Omnidirectional Party Sound: With four tweeters (two at the front and two at the rear), midrange speakers, and a powerful woofer, the MHC-V73D delivers 360-degree sound, ensuring that everyone at the party can enjoy the music.
  • Bass Boost: The Bass Boost feature enhances low-frequency sounds, making it perfect for dance music and creating a more immersive experience.

Connectivity and Features

The Sony MHC-V73D offers a wide range of connectivity options and additional features that enhance its versatility:

  • Bluetooth and NFC: Easily connect your devices wirelessly using Bluetooth or NFC for a hassle-free setup.
  • HDMI and USB Ports: Connect to TVs, laptops, or other devices using HDMI and USB ports for a more versatile entertainment setup.
  • Karaoke and Guitar Input: The system includes inputs for microphones and guitars, making it ideal for karaoke sessions and live performances.
  • DJ Effects and Light Show: Enhance your party atmosphere with built-in DJ effects and customizable light shows that sync with the music.

Portability and Convenience 

The MHC-V73D, despite its size, is designed to be portable. It is easy to move around thanks to the integrated handles and wheels, and its splash-proof control panel guarantees longevity when used outside. 

Overview of the Sony MHC-V43D


Design and Build

The Sony MHC-V43D is a more compact and lightweight option compared to the MHC-V73D. It still retains a tower design but is easier to fit into smaller spaces. The build is durable, and it also features handles for easy transportation, though it lacks wheels.

Audio Performance

The Sony MHC-V43D offers excellent sound quality, though it is slightly less powerful than the MHC-V73D. Its key audio features include:

  • Powerful Sound: Equipped with dual tweeters, midrange speakers, and a large woofer, the MHC-V43D delivers a robust sound that can easily fill a medium-sized room or outdoor area.
  • Bass Boost: Like the MHC-V73D, this model also features Bass Boost to enhance low-frequency sounds.
  • Spread Sound: Although not omnidirectional, the MHC-V43D is designed to spread sound widely, ensuring good coverage for most gatherings.

Connectivity and Features

The Sony MHC-V43D offers similar connectivity options and features to the MHC-V73D, though with some differences:

  • Bluetooth and NFC: Easy wireless connectivity with Bluetooth and NFC.
  • HDMI and USB Ports: Connect to a variety of devices using HDMI and USB ports.
  • Karaoke and Guitar Input: Supports karaoke and live performances with microphone and guitar inputs.
  • DJ Effects and Light Show: Includes DJ effects and light shows to enhance the party atmosphere, though the light effects are less extensive than those of the MHC-V73D.

Portability and Convenience

The MHC V43D is smaller and lighter, which makes it easier to carry. The MHC-V43D has handles, but no wheels. This might be an issue if you have to move the device frequently.

Comparing the Sony MHC-V73D and Sony MHC-V43D 

Audio Quality and Power

  • Sony MHC-V73D: Superior power output and 360-degree sound make it ideal for larger spaces and outdoor events.
  • Sony MHC-V43D: Great sound quality with wide sound dispersion, suitable for medium-sized rooms and smaller gatherings.

Features and Connectivity

  • Both Models: Offer similar connectivity options (Bluetooth, NFC, HDMI, USB) and support for karaoke and live performances.
  • Sony MHC-V73D: Additional tweeters and more extensive light show options provide a richer party experience.
  • Sony MHC-V43D: Still offers impressive features but on a slightly smaller scale.


  • Sony MHC-V73D: Larger and heavier, but wheels and handles make it reasonably portable for its size.
  • Sony MHC-V43D: More compact and lighter, easier to transport but without wheels.


The price difference between the two models is also a factor to consider:

  • Sony MHC-V73D: Generally more expensive due to its higher power output and additional features.
  • Sony MHC-V43D: More affordable, offering great value for those who don’t need the extra power and features of the MHC-V73D. 

Which One Should You Buy? 

Buy Sony MHC-V73D If:

  • You need a powerful audio system for large parties and outdoor events.
  • You want omnidirectional sound and a more immersive audio experience.
  • You appreciate advanced features like extensive light shows and additional connectivity options.
  • Budget is not a major constraint, and you are willing to invest in a higher-end model.

Buy Sony MHC-V43D If:

  • You need a high-quality audio system for medium-sized rooms or smaller gatherings.
  • Portability is a key factor, and you prefer a more compact and lightweight unit.
  • You want to enjoy good sound quality and party features without breaking the bank.
  • Your budget is more limited, but you still want a reliable and versatile party speaker. 


The Sony MHCV73D as well as the Sony MHCV43D can be used to meet different needs and preferences. The Sony MHCV73D is a good choice for large parties or those looking to have the ultimate party experience. It offers a variety of options, powerful audio and 360deg audio. 

The Sony MHCV73D as well as the Sony MHCV43D can be used to meet different needs and preferences. The Sony MHCV73D is a good choice for large parties or those looking to have the ultimate party experience. It offers a variety of options, powerful audio, and 360-degree audio.

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