EP Care - Extended Warranty


  1. Eligibility Criteria: - Customer can avail EP CARE Policy within 30 Days from the date of purchase.
  2. Period of warranty: - From the end date of comprehensive warranty provided by the manufacturer till the plan opted by the customer
  3. Pre-Requisite: - Customer must ensure original policy paper along with the serial number and bill of the product.
  4. EP CARE: - Reserve the right to deactivate the services if the document is not presented or the information provided by the customer is incomplete or the warranty kit is found to be tempered.
  5. What Is Not Covered: - Product accessories like dongle, cells, batteries, refrigerator bulb
    1. Cosmetics Part: - Refrigerator Door, Paint on Product, cavity of the microwave, physical or accidental damage of any kind that external or internal components to malfunction. Malfunction issue arriving on account of liquid/ water logging. Damage due to sudden surge fluctuation, fluctuating voltage, loose contacts.
    2. Any other condition manufacture warranty prior to end of its standard warranty period including repair form the local and unauthorized service centre.
    3. Damage accruing due to calamities like earthquake, and act of god
    4. Product use for commercial use is not covered by EP CARE.
    5. Freebies are not covered which are provided along with the Product at the time of purchase
  6. Maximum Coverage: - EP CARE replicates manufacture warranty up to 2 years additional from the brand original warranty that is the total term of the manufacture warranty and EP CARE warranty does not exceed 4 years.
  7. Extended Warranty Will be Terminated: - If the original serial number has been altered or tempered or defaced of any manner. If the repair work earlier if any be carried out by a person/agency that are not authorized by manufacturing company/EP CARE.
  8. Legal Stuff: - Any disputing arising with the service shall be governed by the laws of INDIA the court Delhi shall have the exclusive judicial. Our disputes arriving here under.
  9. Process for the Availing for Service: - In case of breakdown of product the customer needs to inform us via phone or email at the contact details mentioned in the EP CARE document.
  10. Complaint number and its date will be considered for deciding the warranty terms.
  11. EP CARE will ensure the product back in working condition in shortest possible time with maximum period extended up to 30 days.
  12. No compensation will be entertained due to inconvenience cause during the product repair period.
  13. In case of non-availability of part then the invoice value of the product will be refunded No depreciation will be charged. Refund will be made within 60 days for the day when the product is declared non repairable. Refund can be made in the form of equallent product/refurbish product/EP debit note voucher (valid for 6 month) which can be redeem at the nearest EP counter.
  14. In case of AC – No free service will be provided.
  15. Transportation cost in case of Non-Repairable at site, will be borne by customers.
  16. Cancelation: - Customer can cancel the extended warranty within 15 days of date of purchase.
  17. Product included: - Products covered under EP CARE are LED TV, Washing Machine, Refrigerator, Microwave, Home Theatre, Air Conditioner.

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