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5 Best Semi Automatic Washing Machine Under 15000

5 Best Semi Automatic Washing Machine Under 15000

Rachit Arora |

Long gone are the days when laundry was a dreadful task, as now is when washing machines do all the job. However, choosing the right semi automatic washing machine isn’t as simple as it may seem, as the internet is packed with tons of options, turning a simple choice into a backbreaking task. 

Looking for the best washing machine under 15000? This comprehensive guide explains all the top high-performing and affordable picks that cater to your laundry needs without straining your budget. Scroll down and have a closer look. 

Things You Should Know When Buying a Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

Buying a semi automatic washing machine under 15000? If you are looking to buy a washing machine, consider your needs and then follow the tips mentioned below to make the right choice. 

1. Capacity: It depends on your family size and load. A couple or small family with 3 to 4 members will require a semi-automatic machine of 6 or 7kg, on average. Check your laundry needs and buy accordingly. 

2. Wash Settings: Washing machines come with a variety of wash settings, so you can outline your load type and purchase an option to meet your needs. 

3. Drum Material: The material of the washing drum is an important factor to consider. The drum often comes in various types, including plastic, stainless steel, or others. Check your budget and buy semi automatic washing machine accordingly. 

The 5 Best Semi-Automatic Washing Machines Under 15000

Here’s a quick rundown of the top 5 semi-automatic washing machines to make your decision-making journey more informed. Scroll through the options and pick a washing machine that aligns with your needs and preferences.

1. LG 7.5kg Semi-Automatic Washing Machine P751ORRAZ

Let’s start the list with the best washing machine under 15000, LG 7.5kg P751ORRAZ. It comes with a powerful central pulsator that creates a dynamic motion and generates sufficient friction for effective dirt and mite removal. 

Its Wind Jet Dry reduces the remaining moisture on laundry by spinning the tub at high RPM. The machine has an auto-restart feature that resumes the operation from the stage where it stopped. Other key features you should know about this semi-automatic washing machine are Wind Jet Dry Technology, 3 Wash Program, Collar Scrubber, and Lint Collection. 

2. Voltas Beko 12kg Semi-Automatic Washing Machine WTT12OABRT

The next best semi automatic washing machine is Voltas Beko 12kg. It features a Hygiene Boost option that removes 99.9% bacteria and fungi from clothes. The appliance comes with a Fast Dry feature to remove excess moisture with additional air vents. The Double Waterfall enables efficient mixing of detergent, thus ensuring thorough cleaning. 

It also comes with a special pulsator technology to remove tough stains, thus making your laundry a breeze. 

3. Lloyd 7.5kg Semi Automatic Washing Machine GLWMS75ANGEL

With intuitive and user-friendly features, this Lloyd 7.5 kg semi automatic washing machine is an economical choice for budget-friendly customers. Its double-layered lids with soft closing make it most convenient to use while adding elegance to your home. The machine comes with a special detergent mix to deliver efficient wash performance.

Its 2-way magic filter helps you get the most hygienic wash, thanks to its double valve design. The machine has anti-skid big wheels that make it easy to move without putting in much effort. Other key features are Double Motor F-Class Insultation, Aqua Balancer, 360-degree Water Shower, and more. 

4. Haier 9kg Semi Automatic Washing Machine HTW9O-178

Another washing machine you should consider buying is a Haier 9kg semi-automatic machine. Its classic white and blue finish adds elegance to every modern decor while offering an efficient laundry experience. The machine's spacious 9kg capacity makes it suitable for larger loads and families.

The top load design allows people to easily load and unload laundry, thus reducing strain on your back. It has different wash programs, so you can choose the one that fits your laundry needs well. 

5. Whirlpool 8kg Semi Automatic Washing Machine WM 3O275

Last but not least is the Whirlpool Semi Automatic Washing Machine. Whirlpool has always been a renowned name for household appliances. Their washing machines strike a perfect balance between performance and price. Handle your laundry needs with its Supersoak Technology, which provides powerful washing performance. The spacious drum capacity makes it ideal for medium-sized families. 

This machine is mainly designed for those who prefer a more hands-on approach to laundry. The Supersoak technology allows clothes to soak in detergent-rich water, thus removing tough stains. 

Summing Up

A semi automatic washing machine is a perfect way to make your laundry time a breeze without compromising the cleanliness and hygiene of your garments. We hope our list of the best-selling options has narrowed your choices and will help you choose the right option. So, want no further and determine your laundry needs now to upgrade your washer right away.