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5 Best Single Door Refrigerator Under 20000

5 Best Single Door Refrigerator Under 20000

Rachit Arora |

Choosing the best single door refrigerator from the crowded market isn’t as simple as it may seem. All products seem perfect for your household, making a choice tougher, especially for beginners. A perfect refrigerator is one that strikes a perfect balance between features, quality, and price. 

Wondering how to get started? Keep scrolling the page and find out the list of the 5 best single-door refrigerators under 20000. These top-selling options are equipped with all the latest features and are available at budget-friendly rates. Read on to find out more details here.

The Top 5 Single-Door Refrigerators Under 20000 - Our Top Picks

Without further ado, let’s outline the best single-door refrigerators under 20000 to narrow your choices. All of them are perfect for modern households and are packed with cutting-edge features, stylish designs, and effective cooling systems. Scroll down to know more. 

1. Samsung 183L Single Door Refrigerator RR2OC2712U8

Elevate your home with a Samsung single door fridge and meet the needs of your modern household. This refrigerator combines cutting-edge features with sophisticated looks to complement the modern decor. Its sleek, grand design adds a touch of elegance to your home. 

With a generous 183L capacity, this fridge can store anything, right from fresh produce to beverages, without compromising on the organization. It has an advanced cooling technology that keeps your food fresh for longer. The appliance comes with an energy-efficient design, thus keeping your energy bills in check. Moreover, it also comes with a digital Inverter Compressor for enhanced durability and quiet operation.

2. Whirlpool 192L Single Door Refrigerator W.POOL REF 72467

The next best single door refrigerator under 20000 is Whirlpool 192L fridge. Equipped with Direct Cooling technology, this appliance ensures swift and efficient cooling, thus preserving the freshness of your fruits, vegetables, and other products. 

With 192L capacity, it has a generous space to keep your perishables organized and fresh for a long. The sleek and elegant design of this fridge adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen decor. Its single-door design looks aesthetically pleasing while contributing to energy efficiency. Other key features include Base Drawer that adds more space and functionality. 

3. Haier 185L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator HRD2O62BRBN

Haier single door refrigerator you should consider when buying is Haier. The appliance is powered by Direct Cooling technology, thus keeping your produce fresh longer than usual. Its 185L capacity offers you ample storage to keep your essentials. 

Although this fridge has a 2-star rating, you can still expect an energy-efficient performance and don’t worry about your electricity bills. It comes with a built-in stabilizer, so you don’t have to spend extra on external appliances while keeping your refrigerator safe from unexpected voltage fluctuations. Why wait? Buy Single Door Refrigerator now, and elevate your home decor instantly. 

4. Voltas Beko Single Door Refrigerator RDC22OC Fressia Purple

Still looking for the best single door refrigerator? Opt for Voltas Beko Fressia Purple and complement your modern household in seconds. The gross volume of this refrigerator is 185L, which is enough to store all your perishables. It has adjustable toughened glass shelves, so you can remove them whenever you need to store something bulky. 

The appliance is powered by a Crisper Humidity Control feature to keep the inner temperature cool during extreme summer months. It also has a Fresh Box that ensures to keep your food items fresh for longer than usual. Other key features are Stabilizer-free operation, Door Lock, Chiller Zone, FlexLift Door Shelf, and more. 

5. LG 185L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator GL-B199GGXB

Last but not least, the single door refrigerator you should consider when upgrading your appliance is the LG 185L Single Door fridge. Its Direct Cooling technology ensures that your items are cool and fresh. Moreover, it is energy-efficient and keeps your electricity bills low. However, be mindful that the appliance may require manual defrosting, so be ready for the extra effort.



It also comes with a conventional compressor which makes the overall appliance economical. Its generous 185L capacity makes the fridge ideal for couples and small families. So, what are you waiting for? Buy an LG single-door refrigerator now and keep your perishables fresh for longer. 

Summing Up

That’s all about the best single door refrigerator options under 20000. We hope our list will help you make the right choice. Before you get back to the list, it’s advised to evaluate your family's needs and budget and pick an option accordingly. These refrigerators are equipped with stylish designs and advanced features to make things easier for you. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll through these options and select the model that best meets your demands, both visually and financially. These top-selling options will definitely complement your kitchen decor while fulfilling your cooling needs.