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IFB Washing Machine vs Samsung Washing Machine: Which is Better?

IFB Washing Machine vs Samsung Washing Machine

Rachit Arora |

IFB and Samsung are well-established names to consider when it comes to buying a washing machine. Both brands are known to offer top-quality models and advanced technology to make your laundry a breeze. So, how do we compare IFB vs Samsung Washing Machine? What key factors should be considered when drawing a comparison?

If you are struggling to find these answers, you’ve landed on the rightmost page. Here, we’ve compared both brands in terms of quality, price, and features. Ahead, we’ve also mentioned our top picks, one from each brand, to make your choice simpler. So, why wait? Keep scrolling the page and find out the details here.

IFB Vs Samsung Washing Machines - The Key Differences

While IFB machines are best known for their affordable price, Samsung is widely applauded for their advanced features and technology. Wondering how to draw a perfect IFB washing machine vs Samsung washing machine comparison? Scroll down the page and learn the key differences here. 

1. Durability and Quality 

Let’s compare IFB and Samsung washing machine on the basis of durability and quality. Both washing machines offer excellent quality appliances for long-lasting and durable performance. 

But while IFB uses high-end materials, Samsung still has a reputation for using better-quality components, which further make their models more durable. Moreover, Samsung machines are widely known for their better quality checks, as the brand is quite concerned about their quality and keeps everything in account when assembling the appliance. 

So, if you are looking for a durable model with the least or no defects, opt for Samsung washing machines and enjoy long-lasting performance. 

2. Price 

Price is an important factor when comparing Samsung Vs IFB Washing Machine - after all, it can make or break your decision. When it comes to the price, IFB is the clear winner. IFB washing machines are affordably priced without compromising on quality or features. 

Samsung, on the other hand, is quite over-priced, making it unsuitable for budget customers. However, one should not forget the fact that while IFB is a budget-friendly option, it misses out on fancy rings and bells and offers only the basic features of the washer.

On the contrary, Samsung comes with various advanced features that make the extra cost worth it. So, the choice comes to your preferences, and you should buy according to your budget. 

3. Wash Quality and Programs 

Another important thing you should consider when comparing IFB vs Samsung washing machine is their wash quality and other features. So, speaking of the same, both appliances ensure to offer the best fabric care and gentle cleaning. 

However, Samsung is slightly better than IFB in terms of technological advancements and other automatic features. It offers silent performance and plenty of wash cycles to keep your fabric new. 

Most Samsung machines feature a digital inverter motor for lasting performance and more energy efficiency. IFB, on the other hand, is distinguished by its elegant fusion of intuitive design and state-of-the-art technology. It introduces O2 wash and steam wash in some models to offer better performance. 

Samsung Vs IFB Washing Machines - Our Top Picks

Now that you know about the differences between IF and Samsung machines, it’s time to map out our top picks to help you make better decisions. Here are the details. 

1. IFB 8.0 Kg TL8OSBRS Fully-Automatical Top Load Washing Machine

Let’s begin with the IFB washing machine. This model has a drum capacity of 8kg, which makes it suitable for large families. It features Trishield protection and offers 4 4-year machine warranty, 10 years of motor warranty, and 10 years of spare support. 



Its 10+1 wash programs cater to a diverse range of fabrics, thus making your laundry easier and more convenient. The machine also comes with a 720RPM speed which helps in faster drying. Other important features include Better Detergent Action, Triadic Pulsator, Smart Sense, and more. 

2. Samsung 10kg WA1OBG4546BD WiFi Inverter Top Load Washing Machine

This Samsung WA1OBG4546BD model comes with advanced Eco-Bubble Technology that makes your laundry time easier and more fun. Its large 10kg capacity is ideal for large families, thus allowing you to wash more loads at once. With its 5-star energy ratings, it saves electricity and keeps your power bills lower than usual.



What makes it more desirable is its WiFi, which helps you monitor the machine through a dedicated app. You can easily start or pause a cycle, get notifications, and optimize your laundry schedule for maximum convenience. 

Which is better?

That’s all about the IFB vs Samsung washing machine comparison. Both models come with excellent build quality and wash features, and therefore, the final choice comes down to your family's needs and budget. If you want extra rings and bells in your washer, consider investing in the Samsung machine; otherwise, go for the IFB washer and make your laundry day simple without breaking the bank.