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Best 1.5 Ton AC Under 35000 in India 2024

Best 1.5 Ton AC Under 35000 in India 2024

Rachit Arora |

Looking for the best-selling 1.5 ton AC under 35000? Well, your search ends here. Our experts have compiled the five best 1.5-ton ACs to fit your budget and match your cooling needs. We have compared these units on the basis of their price, performance, and features.

So, why wait? Say goodbye to the rising temperature and gear up for an effective cooling experience with our top picks. Purchase any budget-friendly option and beat the upcoming heat waves without shaking your financial savings. Scroll down and have a closer look.

Are 1.5 Ton ACs Worth Investing?

Sure, they are. 1.5-Ton ACs are ideal for medium-sized rooms up to 110-160 square feet. Moreover, they are budget-friendly picks for those who want an effective cooling experience without breaking the bank.

Another reason why you should go for the 1.5-ton AC is its extensive range of choices. Most brands launch this standard size, so you will never run out of options. Check all the options listed below and purchase the AC to beat the summer blues. 

The 5 Best 1.5 Ton AC Under 35000 - Our Top Picks

Let’s outline the best 1.5 ton AC under 35000 in India so you can make the right choice for your home. These ACs are ideal for both homes and offices, thus allowing you to beat the heat effectively. Here are the details.

1. Carrier 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC 18K Emperia LXi

Carrier 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split Inverter AC are widely known for offering robust cooling performance with their variable-speed compressors. It can easily adjust power depending on heat load for higher energy savings. The 1.5-ton cooling capacity makes it suitable for mid-sized rooms. 

If you are looking for an AC with less maintenance requirements, this AC might be the best bet. It also comes with a special Dust Filter to remove pollens and allergens from the air, thus making the air inside the room clean and healthy to breathe. With its 3-star energy ratings, you don’t have to worry about heavy electricity bills. 

2. Lloyd 1.5 Ton 4 Star Window AC GLW18C4YWGEW

Another best 1.5 ton AC under 35000 is Lloyd Window AC with Golden Deco Strip. Its self-diagnosis function notifies you of any error when working. The Auto-Restart feature resets the settings after avery power cut, thus eliminating the need to adjust the AC settings over and over again.

Its Blue Fin coils protect the AC from rusting, thus ensuring long-lasting performance. The AC comes with an LED display that shows temperature, humidity level, and other important information. Its Remote Control function allows you to control the AC right from your fingertips. Some of the other key features you must know about this AC are Corrosion Resistance Coating, Clean Air Filter, Strong Dehumidification, Ambient Cooling, and more. 

3. Haier 1.5 Ton HWU18F-OW3BIN 3 Star Window AC

Ideal for medium-sized rooms, this Haier 1.5 ton AC under 35000 in India is the best choice for budget-savvy users. The copper condenser enhances durability, thus offering uninterrupted cooling. It comes with an LED digital display panel where you can check the room temperature and other essential details. 

The Dust Filter removes any allergens and pollens from the air while its Auto Restart feature resets the settings automatically. It also has a Turbo Mode that instantly chills the room and helps you get rid of the scorching heat. The AC also features a Sleep Mode that offers noiseless operation to ensure restful sleep. 

4. Kelvinator 1.5 Ton 2 Star Window AC KEL W.A.C KAW-F18BPSC-WIND

The next best 1.5 ton AC under 35000 is Kelvinator 2 Star Window AC. The Anti-Bacterial filter removes the bacteria from the air, thus allowing it to breathe cleaner air. Don’t worry about its long-lasting performance, as it has a Blue Fin Coating that protects the unit from corrosion and rusting. 

The unit has 100% copper tubes and a condenser that allows better heat exchange and requires less maintenance. Other special features include a Dust Filter, Auto-Restart, Ambient Cooling, and more. 

5. Haier 1.5 Ton 3 Star 7-in-1 Convertible AC HS5OC-TQS3BN

Last but not least, the best 1.5 Ton AC under 35000 in India 2024 is Haier 3 Star AC. With its 7-in-1 convertible mode, this AC adjusts to the varied cooling needs and allows you to enjoy summers like never before.

The Rotary Compressor ensures adjustment of the heat load and offers effective performance. You can simplify your cooling experience with Haier’s Stabilizer-free operation. It can easily handle voltage fluctuations, thus eliminating the need for an external stabilizer. 

Summing Up

With summer approaching fast, it’s mandatory to buy the 1.5 ton AC under 35000 to handle the scorching heat. Check out all the options mentioned above and pick the one that fits your budget and space well. AC is a one-time investment, so be careful when comparing these units and make decision wisely. 

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