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O General vs LG 1.5 Ton Window AC

O General vs LG 1.5 Ton Window AC

Rachit Arora |

Planning to buy a new air conditioner and are confused about O General vs LG AC? Well, both brands are widely known for their powerful cooling system, copper coils, and large capacity. These are designed to provide maximum comfort with great efficiency.

However, O General is known to offer a massive chilled effect, while LG is well-regarded for its cost-effective nature. If you are still confused about these two brands and wondering which option to choose from, then this guide might be the best bet to get all your answers. Scroll through the page and find out the key comparison here.

LG Vs O General Window AC - The Key Differences

Let’s outline the key differences between O General vs LG Window AC so you can choose the right option for your home. Browse through the pointers carefully and make an informed choice. 

1. Type of Compressor

It’s important to check the type of compressor installed in the unit. LG AC comprises the inverter compressor with a dual rotary motor at a varied speed. It adapts to the cooling needs and ensures that AC cools faster and runs quieter. 

However, O General ACs, on the other hand, come with a non-inverter compressor. While this compressor makes it economical and easy to install at first glance, it might offer heavy electricity bills later on. Also, O General Window AC with a non-inverter compressor is a bit noisy, thus affecting your sleep patterns.

2. Silent Operation

When buying an AC, you must choose the option that can help you enjoy restful sleep with its noiseless operation. So, if you are also looking for the same thing, opt for LG ACs without any second thoughts. 

Since LG ACs come with an inverter compressor, they offer silent operation to users, thus allowing them to enjoy a peaceful sleep without any noise. However, O General ACs are a bit noisy as compared to LG, owing to the non-inverter compressor. 

3. Features

When it comes to advanced features, both LG and O General AC give each other stiff competition. While O General boasts a Power Saver Compressor, 4-way Air Distributor, and Smart Diagnosis, LG features convertible 4-in-1 cooling, 100% copper tubes, Top Air Discharge, and Silent Operation. 

Both ACs have a different set of features, so the final choice depends on your requirements. If you want different cooling modes, then choose LG. But if smart diagnosis and consistent airflow are your priority, then invest in O General ACs. 

O General Vs LG Window AC - Our Top Picks

Now that you are aware of the key differences between O General vs LG AC, let’s map out our top picks to narrow your options. Keep scrolling the page and find the details here.

1. O General 1.5 Ton Window AC AXGB18BBAA-B

The window AC by O General 1.5 Ton Window AC is a perfect choice for those looking for a perfect combination of better performance and cost-effective prices. Its smart and elegant design makes it ideal for both office and home requirements. 

The unit is packed with 3-speed cooling, so you can adjust it according to the cooling needs and weather. Its 4-way air distributor leaves no hotspots in the room, thus offering an extreme cooling experience. The O General Window AC comes with a smart diagnosis and detects issues itself. Other key features you must not miss are Super Wave Technology, Power Saver compressor, and easy installation. 

2. LG 1.5 Ton 3 Star Window AC TW-Q18WUXA

The LG 1.5 Ton Window AC features an inverter compressor with varied speed dual rotary motor to offer wide rotational frequency and high-end performance. The 4-in-1 convertible cooling mode allows the unit to adapt to various cooling needs. These modes ensure the optimum usage of energy without compromising comfort. 

It features 100% copper tubes with Ocean Black protection to provide exceptional durability for the unit in typical Indian regions. Its Top Air Discharge outlet allows wider air flow, thus helping to provide quick and uniform cooling throughout the lifespan. What makes it worth buying is its Super Silent Operation. To your surprise, LG ACs operate at sound levels as low as 44dB, thus eliminating unnecessary noise. 

Which is Better?

ACs are an integral part of all modern households. Therefore, you should always purchase the best option that suits your cooling needs and budget. Both O General and LG AC are well-regarded for their high-end performance and sleek design. However, they differ in various aspects, and you must be aware of them before making a final choice. So, that’s all about O General vs LG AC. Browse the differences carefully and choose the best fit for your space. 

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