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5 Best Single Door Refrigerator Under 15000

5 Best Single Door Refrigerator Under 15000

Rachit Arora |

Choosing the right refrigerator goes beyond just cooling efficiency. Rather, consumers nowadays look out for advanced features and long-term savings. So, if you are planning to add a new refrigerator to your household collection, invest in the best single door refrigerator and save on electricity bills. 

While these options might seem outdated at first glance, they are still packed with modern features and offer top-tier performance within the budget. So, what are you waiting for? Continue scrolling the list and find the five high-end single-door refrigerators under 15000. Read on to get further details. 

The Pros and Cons of Single Door Refrigerator

Before we move down to the list of the best single-door refrigerators, let’s map out the pros and cons of this appliance so you can decide accordingly. Single Door Refrigerators are cost-effective and space-saving, thus making them ideal for small kitchens. Scroll down and find out the details here.


  • These are energy-efficient, thus consuming less electricity.
  • They come in compact size, making them ideal for limited spaces.
  • Single Door Fridge works on the direct cool technology, which further helps in saving electricity bills.
  • These occupy little floor space and volume because of their small capacity. 


  •  They have limited space, which is not ideal for large families.
  • It doesn’t offer frost-free benefits. 
  • The freezer compartment is smaller because of space constraints.

The 5 Best Single-Door Refrigerators Under 15000

Here’s a list of the best single-door refrigerators to meet your cooling needs. Scroll through the list, compare their features, and narrow your options accordingly. 

1. Samsung 183L Single Door Refrigerator RR2OC2723CR

The Samsung single door refrigerator under is a perfect combination of style, elegance, features, and performance. Its striking Camellia purple design adds an aesthetic appeal to your modern kitchen space. The single-door design adds a touch of personality to your kitchen, thus making itself a focal point of every kitchen.

With its 3-star energy ratings, it offers energy savings, thus saving on your electricity bills. It boasts a generous 183-liter capacity and thoughtful design to ensure the adequate utilization of space. The direct cooling technology helps maintain an ideal temperature, thus preserving the freshness of your food. 

2. LG 185L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator GL-B199GCBB

The second best single door refrigerator you should consider adding to your house is the LG Direct Cool Single Door option. It comes with a toughened glass shelf, which you can adjust according to your storage needs. The Anti-Bacteria gasket protects your fruits and vegetables from bacteria, thus keeping them safe. 


It works without a stabilizer and is immune to voltage fluctuations. The door lock restricts access, thus avoiding the unnecessary opening of the appliance. Other key features that make this appliance worth purchasing are Fastest Ice Making, Vegetable Basket, Mount N Fresh, etc.

3. Lloyd by Havells 188 L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator GLDC2O3SFWT4JC

Lloyd by Havells 188L is another worth purchasing single door refrigerator, known for its appealing design and 3-star energy ratings. Its Direct Cool technology consumes less electricity, thus making the appliance budget-friendly in the long run. However, the unit requires manual defrosting as it doesn’t feature frost-free feature. 

Its built-in stabalizer eliminates the need to installing extra device and keeps it safe from voltage fluctuations. With toughend glass shelves and 188L capacity, this refrigerator is ideal for small-sized families with decent storage needs. 

4. Whirlpool 192L 3-Star Single Door Refrigerator 215 IMPC PRM 3S WINE MULIA-Z - 72815

Whirlpool Single Door Refrigerator is a compact yet powerful appliance designed to satisfy your cooling needs. Its advanced Icemagic Powerful capacity ensures that your food stays fresher for longer by maintaining an even temperature.

Despite its compact size, it offers smart and versatile storage options. The unit features thoughtfully-designed shelves, door bins, and dedicated compartments to organize your groceries with ease. The Direct Cooling technology eliminates the need of manula defrosting and prevents the ice buildup. It offers easy-to-use controls, thus allowing adjust settings effortlessly. 

5. Haier 185L Direct Cool Single Door 2 Star Refrigerator HRD2O62BRBN

Last but not least is the Haier 185L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator. Its generous 185L capacity makes it suitable for small-sized families with 2 or 3 members. Direct cooling technology offers optimum cooling performance.

While it features 2-star energy ratings, the unit still ensures savings and silent operation. Why wait? Buy Single Door Refrigerator now and enjoy long-term savings with this appliance. 

Summing Up

That’s all about the five best single-door fridges under 15000. We hope our list will help you make the right decision when choosing the single door refrigerator. All these models are equipped with the Direct Cooling Technology, thus offering top-tier performance at cost-effective rates. The single-door refrigerators are ideal for modern Indian homes because of their cutting-edge features, effective cooling systems, and space-saving layouts. So, shop the top-selling brands now and meet your refrigeration needs. 

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